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Buying/building a home is an exciting time in our lives and the right home should not only provide for your needs, but your health and comfort as well. Providing long term value and appeal.

  • More energy efficient – from insulation and appliances to heating and cooling equipment, building science improves year after year. As we learn, our homes become more efficient with every home.

  • Healthier indoor environments – EPA recognizes indoor air as a top 5 environmental risks to the public. From extensive air sealing and mechanized fresh air exchange to low VOC paints and formaldehyde free cabinetry, every new home is significantly more healthy to its occupants.

  • Up-to-date on building codes – 100% of our homes are certified through NGBS (National Green Building Standard). Requiring homes to exceed building codes in indoor air quality and comfort, water management, durability, lower maintenance and energy efficiency.

  • It’s NEW! – We all love a new car smell. There is nothing like walking into a new home, no wear and tear, no repairs needed and no unpleasant smells. It’s fresh, it’s new and it's yours!

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