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Don’t take it from us, hear it from homeowners about how great it is to live in a Marnella home.

We love our energy efficient home!  This home is much different than any other house we have lived in.   Any other home that we lived in you would not want to venture upstairs on a hot summer day as it was always too warm.  The temperature consistency in this home is incredible, you never have to touch the thermostat.  The house is insulated not only to maintain equal temperature throughout  but has made the home sound proof;  you can't hear a thing from room to room.  We are looking forward to the winter months and lower utilities bills due to the efficiency of this great home.

- Jacob and Leslie

There is nothing more exciting or scary then buying your first home. Fortunately, I was lead to work with the amazing people who represent Marnella Communities. LuzMaria Simmons, and Mike Lund were with me literally every step of the way. They made sure everything I needed for my home was easily accessible, and made sure that I was 100% included in the home building process.

My clients know that when they stay in my hotel, they are cared for, and feel like they are home. LuzMaria and her team made me feel like I was home. The amount of attention, and care they gave to my needs is what sold me 100%!

I love my home. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first home. My buying experience went beyond meeting my expectations.

Thank you so much for everything!

- Apple Freeman



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